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Mission Statement

STAR for Breast Cancer’s (STAR) mission is to raise general awareness about breast cancer, risk factors and cancer prevention, and to provide help to those affected by breast cancer through education about early detection, latest treatment and post-treatment options, and support services, especially among immigrant communities, with emphasis on people of Middle Eastern origin.

Who We Are

Support, Treatment, Awareness and Research (STAR) for Breast Cancer is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded by a group of volunteer women from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, who are concerned about the high rate of breast cancer and have decided to take action.

What We Do

SUPPORT:  Support breast cancer patients in immigrant communities, by providing early detection education, guidance on latest treatment and post-treatment options, treatment centers, support services and other available resources.

TREATMENT:  Provide financial support for medical treatments or equipment, aid breast cancer diagnosis & treatment centers, as well as education on the latest treatment and post-treatment options and reconstructive surgeries.

AWARENESS:  Provide educations material to raise awareness about risk factors, breast self-exams, early detection, and screening methods.

RESEARCH:  Support initiatives to improve breast cancer research related to people of Middle Eastern origin. (We believe that collaboration between the research centers and breast cancer organizations worldwide and the Middle East, can be accommodated by sharing data to better understand the contributing factors and effective treatments.)