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PLEASE NOTE:  STAR for Breast Cancer does NOT endorse alternative medicine as a treatment for breast cancer although it could be used in addition to conventional medicine (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.). Pantea has chosen not to use conventional medicine, and we respect a patient’s choice to determine their own treatment.  Regardless, we aim to support each breast cancer patient accordingly.


It is hard to believe that you will not be, but the world will be just as it is: the beauty of autumn, the falling of red and yellow leaves, the sounds of seas and creeks that you enjoy listening to, the image of sunset over the sea, the reflection of sunrise in the east, and the laughter of those whom you love. But you will not be to see and do. Knowing that all roads end like this is no consolation.

I do not have a negative view to this turn in my life, this journey. The day I learned my diagnosis, I was not very shocked. But I searched within myself to understand its reasons. Meanwhile, I read, saw, heard, and learned a lot. This disease has a physical angle, as well as an emotional one.

Pantea1_resizedToday, October 18, 2016, two and a half months have passed since I was diagnosed with cancer in my left breast. Now, I am sitting in this coffee shop, after work, planning to go see a specialist on alternative medicine. I am watching people pass by. It is an afternoon in autumn. The sun shines its golden rays on earth; everyone is in a hurry. To me, following the path of conventional medicine is like poisoning the body’s immune system, and, hence, destroying my own body’s defense system against cancer. I cannot do this unkindness to my own body knowing chances are that, after a few years of conventional medicine, the disease would resurface in a different part of body. Of course some people do not think this way and prefer surgery. In the US, 1600 people per year lose their lives to cancer. Initially, I did not even know about the existence alternative medicine. I searched a lot to find out about it. The path of alternative medicine is as rugged as life itself. It is difficult to find a specialist who has the experience, since it is not officially recognized as conventional medicine. If you choose this path, you face isolation and pressure by family and friends who absolutely suggest conventional medicine. “Many have tried this path, why are you wasting your time? This is a huge risk. The cancer is spreading in your body.” So resisting them and continuing with alternative medicine is very difficult. However, I knew that since I do not believe in alternative medicine it would essentially not work for me. Instead, I started a radical change in my diet, eating organic fruits and vegetables, drinking green juice, taking supplements, exercising regularly, using coffee enema, cutting all animal, protein, and mainly following Gerson treatment.

But using alternative medicine needs support, both emotional and financial Alternative treatments such as high dose Vitamin C injections, APA IV injections, oxygen therapy, and other treatments are not covered by insurance; no insurance program pays for alternative medicine. That is when you feel alone, all by yourself.

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