Provide information on resources available to cancer patients for funding, treatment options, and emotional support.


Dissemination of information on Cancer   Resources

Preventive Self-Exam Video

Developed and produced Breast Self-examination Training Video with renowned actress and breast cancer survivor, Luna Shad Breast Self Exam Farsi خودآزمایی پستان

Informational Cancer Brochure

Produced brochure on cancer awareness and distributed hundreds of copies in US, Kurdistan, and various cities in Iran.
Self-examination Brochure (Farsi/Dari)
Self-examination Brochure (Kurdish)

Individual Patient Treatment & Support

Interviews with Breast Cancer Survivors

Breaking taboos & helping others by sharing survival stories 
Interview with Mehrangiz Kar (Persian)
Interview with Niosha Nafei (Persian)
Interview with Firoozeh (Persian)
Interviews with Luna Shaad (Persian): Int. 1  Int. 2
Interview I with Shina Karokhil  (Persian) (Dari)

Individual Patient Treatment & Support


Provide mammograms (and other medical treatments) to low-income and minority patients, in collaboration with Center for Health and Human Rights


Provide mammograms (and other medical treatments) to patients in Afghanistan via the Afghanistan Cancer Foundation ACF

Collaboration with Cancer Prevention Institute of California

Individual Patient Treatment & Support

Collaboration with Benhnam Daheshpour Charity

Provide financial support for preventive training, mammograms, and cancer patients treatment.